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If you want to secure your workplace or store, security window film is the ideal solution. The film is put to the inside of the windows to create an unbreakable barrier. You won’t be able to tell the film is on the glass once it’s installed, making it ideal for storefront windows.

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By forming a link with the glass, robbers and smash-and-grab invaders will find it far more difficult to obtain access through it. We also offer an anti-graffiti film that is installed externally and can be simply updated in the event of graffiti or vandalism, protecting the glass beneath.

If protecting your employees is a priority for you, security window film is the solution. In the case of a natural or man-made disaster, it will safeguard them. Please contact one of our qualified surveyors to see whether your glass is safe. 7 out of 10 clients discover that their glass does not match current EU regulations, posing a risk of shattering and injury in the event of an accident. After the film is installed, it frequently aids in lowering the cost of the building’s insurance.

All of our safety and security window films also give 99 percent UV light protection, so you can protect not just yourself, but also anything else in your commercial area that could be affected by fading.

Security window film will strengthen the strength of your glass when properly put by one of our team members. It maintains the glass together in the case of a break and keeps intruders out thanks to an innovative adhesive and thick lamination. Even a sledge hammer-wielding invader will have difficulty breaking through the glass. This gives you complete piece of mind when it comes to your property’s safety and security.

The adhesion to the glass and the flexibility of the entire construction of the film’s layers are the two basic ways that security film operates. Strong pressure-sensitive (PS) adhesives on the product provide adhesion. PS adhesives require a combination of great chemistry (controlled by the film manufacturer), pressure (hence the name!), and time to achieve their strength. The film can take up to 60 days to fully cure on average, depending on the conditions.

Glass in specific locations must meet a minimum safety standard, and TS Window Films Ltd’s application of safety window film is a cost-effective and efficient solution. The way safety window film works is that it ensures that if the glass breaks, it does so safely.

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kahn kennedy-smith
TS Window Film offer great value service to keep the warmth out and save your furniture from sun bleaching! We had Tim in to carry out some rear window and roof light tinting and had a small problem with the roof window tinting after 12-18 months. Tim came back and replaced the window films at no cost. Polite, and service with a smile!
Christina Green
Fantastic service. Fast, efficient and tidy. Value for money. Tim offered good advice on his first visit and fitted the film well. I would recommend this product and this company.
Adam Barham
Great service from Tim, quick to install and the privacy glass looks great. Thank you!
J W (Headfullofstraw)
Tim was extremely helpful from start to finish. Took the time to look at my conservatory roof, where it was located in terms of light and go through all options. On the day of installing he was on time, tidy and the work was done with no issues. The conservatory roof looks fantastic and where we went for a reflective film it is so much more bearable and comfortable to be in there. I would recommend Tim’s service to everyone.
Google rating score: 5 / 5, based on 76 reviews
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