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Being able to enjoy the sun in your home is important. However, your glass may be letting in too much heat and glare which can affect the usability and comfort of certain rooms or areas of the house. In order to maintain a consistent and comfortable living space inside we recommend residential solar window films for your home.

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Conservatories, skylights, and roof lanterns can be great ways to let light into your home. During hotter days, however, they can create heat traps so certain areas of rooms become hotter, and stuffier and you move to avoid them. The overall temperature of the room can rise, affecting comfort levels when trying to relax and preventing full use of your space. Additionally, it can create a problem if you have a home office as you need to be able to concentrate without squirming around in your seat, messing around with blinds or trying to avoid the sun catching your screen.

Our solar window films are designed to be applied internally to the glazing. They can reduce heat and glare by around 80 per cent, as well as retaining heat by around 30 per cent in the winter months due to built-in thermal technology. As an additional advantage, it also prevents your furniture from fading due to exposure to direct sunlight.

We offer a wide array of solar window films to suit different types of residential properties, installed by a team with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Furthermore, our range has a 10 to 15 year warranty and is fully insured. If you would like to know more or to arrange for an installer to come out to your residential property please contact us today.

Before and After

Before solar window film fitted

After solar window film fitted

Benefits of Solar Control Window Films

Heat Control

Heat can always be an issue in and around the home, skylights, conservatories and bi-fold doors are always a lovely addition to the home but they also allow a lot of heat and glare in, applying solar control window film is an effective and cost efficient way of solving this problem. The film reflects the sun’s energy away from the glass, stopping the heat from entering the building and getting too hot, meaning window film performs much better than blinds.

Glare Control

Glare can be a constant battle tim light streaming in through your windows, in some cases causing major problems and discomfort. Once you have installed window film you will instantly notice the difference and can start enjoying your environment. Whether you are watching television, working at your computer, or reading a book, the space will become far more usable.

Fading Control

Fading comes from a variety of different sources, most significantly heat and light transmission. Installing solar control film to your glazing can reduce and control fading by creating a barrier. Solar control film cuts out 99% of ultra violet rays, which protects against the fading of furniture and carpets. More importantly, it serves as protection for skin damage, our films have the equivalent of an SPF of 285.

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kahn kennedy-smith
TS Window Film offer great value service to keep the warmth out and save your furniture from sun bleaching! We had Tim in to carry out some rear window and roof light tinting and had a small problem with the roof window tinting after 12-18 months. Tim came back and replaced the window films at no cost. Polite, and service with a smile!
Christina Green
Fantastic service. Fast, efficient and tidy. Value for money. Tim offered good advice on his first visit and fitted the film well. I would recommend this product and this company.
Adam Barham
Great service from Tim, quick to install and the privacy glass looks great. Thank you!
J W (Headfullofstraw)
Tim was extremely helpful from start to finish. Took the time to look at my conservatory roof, where it was located in terms of light and go through all options. On the day of installing he was on time, tidy and the work was done with no issues. The conservatory roof looks fantastic and where we went for a reflective film it is so much more bearable and comfortable to be in there. I would recommend Tim’s service to everyone.
Google rating score: 5 / 5, based on 76 reviews
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