Low-e 35 Solar Control Window Film Worthing, East Sussex.

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Low-E 35 Solar Control Window Film Worthing

About the project

The customer on this job wanted to control the temperature of his property all year round and stop the new floor that was being laid from getting damaged by the sun. As you can see from the pictures there was a lot of glass and this was all south-facing, the existing floor had been badly damaged from the UV rays and the heat they were experiencing in the summer was becoming unbearable.

We went round to discuss options and after going through the different films and how they performed the client decided to go with Hanita Low e 35 Solar Control window film. This is the perfect choice for year-round energy efficiency. During the summer the total solar energy rejected is 63%, and during the winter months, the film reflects radiant internal heating back into the room. This brings the U-value on a double-glazed unit down to 0.42.

99% of Ultra Violet is blocked, meaning all the flooring and anything in direct sunlight is protected once the film has been installed, and is also covered with a 12-year manufacturer warranty.

Low-e 35 Solar Control Window Film Worthing, East Sussex.
Solar Control Window Film Worthing Case Study
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