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Are you considering window film installation for your property?

TS Window Films, headquartered in Crowborough, East Sussex, is a leading provider of window film solutions. We offer expert installation of a wide variety of window films for both residential and commercial properties throughout the South East of England, including Eastbourne.

Looking for ways to enhance the privacy and comfort of your Eastbourne home? Consider window film solutions! During hot summers, our solar control window film helps reduce heat gain, making your patio or conservatory a more enjoyable space. Worried about break-ins? We offer security window films that deter intruders and provide an extra layer of protection. Finally, if privacy is a concern, our privacy window films block unwanted views from outside while still allowing you to enjoy natural light and the view out.

Why Choose Us

Fully trained and experienced window film fitters

As leading window film installation experts, we serve clients throughout the UK. Our East Sussex base means we can provide prompt and professional service to Eastbourne and nearby areas. Benefit from our experience and enjoy the advantages of high-quality window film solutions.

For over 20 years, we’ve been the leading window film installation experts, serving both homes and businesses across the UK. Our East Sussex base ensures prompt service to Eastbourne and surrounding areas. We offer expert guidance to help you choose the ideal film for your needs, using only the highest-quality materials. Enjoy peace of mind with our warranties and experience the transformative power of window film solutions.

Enhance your space with window film. We’re the leading installers, serving the area in East Sussex. Experience the difference firsthand. We’ll visit your home to showcase our variety of films and answer questions. Exceptional value & free quotes included.

All our films come with a manufactures warranty for 10-15 years.

We are fully insured and follow all health and safety regulations.

We visit you to show samples of different window film, and demonstrate how they work.

We work alongside our customers from start to finish, no matter the project size.

Where Can Window Film Be Installed?

Looking to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your windows? Window film offers a versatile solution for both homes and businesses. We install film on a variety of glass surfaces, from living rooms and offices to storefronts and lobbies. Choose from a range of films to meet your needs, whether it’s reducing heat and glare with solar control film, maintaining natural light with privacy film, adding security with a break-resistant film, or enhancing the look with decorative film. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover the possibilities of window film in Eastbourne.

Window Films For Homes In Eastbourne

Our window films offer a modern and practical solution for privacy, temperature control, and glare reduction. Enjoy a more comfortable living space with natural light, all while maintaining your desired level of privacy. It’s a win-win for style and functionality.

Window Film For Businesses In Eastbourne

Want to make a great first impression on your customers? TS Window Films can help. We offer high-quality window film solutions that not only improve the comfort of your space by reducing glare and sun heat but also add a touch of style.

Window Films We Provide

Residential Window Films Commercial Window Films

Bi-Fold Doors Window Films

Applying window film is an effective and cost efficient way of solving glare issues around your home. Window film reflects the sun’s rays away from the glass, stopping the room from overheating.

UV Control Window Films

Completely invisible to the naked and UV control window films work to reduce the UV rays reaching thew inside of your home. Protect priceless artwork and furnishings but also the human skin from harmful damage from the sun.

Solar Window Films

Being able to enjoy the sun at home is important. However, there may be times when you’re not able to go outside or you want to be in the shade for a while. In order to maintain a consistent and comfortable living space inside we recommend residential solar window films for your home.

Security Window Films

Reduce the risk of injury when accidents happen by making it harder for the glass to break when put under pressure. Our security window films are designed with a special laminate and adhesive to prevent break in attempts.

Privacy Window Films

Privacy window films don’t require complex opening mechanism and don’t gather dust. As an additional benefit, the film captures 99 per cent of UV light. This means that you do not get heat traps in your room.

Conservatory Window Films

Reduce heat and glare by up to 80% with our conservatory window film Feel comfortable again in your conservatory with a more consistent temperature.

Frosted Window Films

A modern take on net curtains or blinds, frosted window films provide the privacy you deserve in your own home. Our frosted window films still provide up to 90% of natural light to reach inside your home.

Skylight Window Films

Skylights can be a great way to make a room feel more comfortable, letting in more light. Unfortunately, sometimes this can also mean that the additional light can add more glare and create heat traps. This is why we recommend installing residential skylight window films.

Alternative to Net Curtain Window Films

Our net curtain window film substitute is a fresh new take on net curtains. Due to its crystal clear transparency and capacity to admit more light into the room, it is fast becoming the preferred option.

Window Films For Schools

Often the glare from the sun can be very distracting for the pupils and teachers especially when working with computers and whiteboards. Our solar control window film can block out up to 80% of the heat and glare whilst retaining 35% in the winter months.

Solar Window Films

If you own a commercial property, you want it to feel welcoming. Nobody likes working in a gloomy office or dining in a dark, dingy restaurant. Conversely, glaring sunlight on screens and heat traps at dinner tables are also undesirable. This is where commercial solar window films come in.

Security Window Films

If you want to secure your workplace or store, security window film is the ideal solution. The film is put to the inside of the windows to create an unbreakable barrier. You won’t be able to tell the film is on the glass once it’s installed, making it ideal for storefront windows.

Vinly Window Films

Offering greater levels of privacy within your property, as well as having heat and glare reduction capabilities – our vinyl window film could be perfect for you. Vinyl can even be applied to an existing surface to freshen it up or improve its appearance.

Privacy Window Films

Window film is an excellent choice for office workers who value their privacy. We can provide full day and night coverage, or merely daytime coverage with the public unable to see in but allowing you to gaze out.

Manifestation Graphic Films

Windows and walls in the office are decorated with manifestation and digital print images. Adding colour and company logos to your office space is a common way to make it more vibrant.

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What Our Customers Say

kahn kennedy-smith
TS Window Film offer great value service to keep the warmth out and save your furniture from sun bleaching! We had Tim in to carry out some rear window and roof light tinting and had a small problem with the roof window tinting after 12-18 months. Tim came back and replaced the window films at no cost. Polite, and service with a smile!
Christina Green
Fantastic service. Fast, efficient and tidy. Value for money. Tim offered good advice on his first visit and fitted the film well. I would recommend this product and this company.
Adam Barham
Great service from Tim, quick to install and the privacy glass looks great. Thank you!
J W (Headfullofstraw)
Tim was extremely helpful from start to finish. Took the time to look at my conservatory roof, where it was located in terms of light and go through all options. On the day of installing he was on time, tidy and the work was done with no issues. The conservatory roof looks fantastic and where we went for a reflective film it is so much more bearable and comfortable to be in there. I would recommend Tim’s service to everyone.
Google rating score: 5 / 5, based on 76 reviews
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