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Neutral 30 Haywards Heath

About the project

We went to visit this property in Haywards Heath, West Sussex as the customers were having some issues with privacy. They had recently built this rear-facing double-story extension at the back of their house, it had a lovely large angled glass but this was in the bedroom. Although there was not an issue before now they had such a large expanse of glass on the 1st floor they felt very visible. A bridal path was running along the back of the garden and was used by a lot of dog walkers daily.

Once we had a look at the glazing we soon noticed that it was triple glazed, when we came across triple glazing we had no option with solar film but to apply it externally. The client did not want a too mirrored look to the glazing from the outside, after discussing the different options we decided to install an External Neutral 30 window film, this window film still gives the customer plenty of privacy but with a much more natural and subtle look, unlike mirrored window which has more of an impact on the look of the glass.

Once we arrived on site to carry out the work the first thing was to set up the access equipment, once we were able to gain access to the glass we started by thoroughly cleaning all the glass and frames. The film was cut roughly to size on our window film handler and we were now ready to install. When filming outside we use a process called back rolling to apply the window film onto the glass, this limits the risk of wind affecting the application and also any debris from getting underneath the film.

Once all the window film had been applied we had to make sure all the frames were dry and ready for the mastic to be applied, we made sure all the cutting of the window film was as tight as we could to the gasket and applied a clear silicone bead around all the edges. Once this has been completed the film has a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.

As you can see from the images the External Neutral 30 window film was the perfect choice for this property, it gave them complete privacy with a very subtle change to the glass. Please get in touch with us whatever your requirements may be.

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