South Western Railway Toilets

Commercial Window FIlm Installation

South Western Railway London

About the project

We were contracted to carry out new vinyl installation to South Western Railway station toilets. The sites included Ascot, Bournemouth, Brookwood, Farnborough, Aldershot, Twickenham and various others. Preparation is key when installing vinyl, especially in dirty and high-traffic areas. We use special chemicals to clean the surface then a primer is applied to make sure the vinyl bonds to the surface we are applying it to.

Vinyl is a great way to freshen and brighten an area up, not only is it cost-effective it also protects the surface underneath to which it is applied. You can use solid colours like this job, or digital images can be printed onto the vinyl to add interest or company logos etc. Vinyl can be installed on most surfaces so please get in touch with your requirements.

South Western Railway Toilets
South Western Rail Toilets
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